Google Assistant now speaks Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese in Allo messaging app

Google is expanding the linguistic capabilities of the virtual assistant that powers its Allo messaging app with the news that it’s now conversant in Hindi and Brazilian Poruguese.

Google first announced the Google Assistant back in May, serving up a direct competitor to the likes of Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Google’s incarnation is currently available to anyone via the Allo messaging app, which launched in September, though it is also integrated into the company’s Pixel smartphones and the Google Home wireless speaker.

Allo represents Google’s effort to create a smart messaging app that helps you stay in touch with all your friends, while also helping you plan events and find information. It promises to “keep your conversation going” through its intelligent assistant and offers a “smart reply” feature that suggests responses to messages based on the context of the conversation.

The app automatically detects what language you’re chatting in and offers suggested responses based on the language. For example, if you’re conversing in English, the app will only suggest English responses, but if you switch to Hindi, it will alter the suggestions accordingly. As of today’s news, the Google Assistant in Allo can now speak English, German, Hindi, Hinglish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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